So, you are thinking about piano lessons... Now what? 


If you are thinking about learning the piano, the first question to ask is... Do you have a piano at home?  If you have one, that's great, if not, consider a nice quality keyboard/digital piano for starting out. 


Next you need to find a teacher.  You need to find someone who you connect with, a teacher who fits your style of learning. Also, someone who offers you the opportunities you are looking for in performances.  

Most teachers have waiting lists, so don't expect to start right away.  

It's a good idea to interview with the teacher before you begin so that you can be sure that you and the teacher are a good match. 


The next question is... Do you have time to practice?  In order to be successful, most students practice about 100 minutes a week... that is about 15 minutes every day.  If you are not faithful with your practice routine, you will not make progress and will get discouraged.


My piano lessons run 30 or 45 minutes, depending upon your needs.I teach virtually and in person lessons. I follow a traditional school schedule for holidays and breaks. 

My studio is open on school days between 12:00 noon and 7:00 pm EST.  

( Different time options are available for students in different time zones)

If you'd like to learn to play along with your child, you can! 

Please email Miss Liz for an interview time.

Flexible days and times available depending upon your time zone. or